In the summer heat, it is very important to follow some rules to protect your pet’s health (and often its life!).
🚗 NEVER leave the dog (or anyone) in the car in the summer, NOT FOR A SINGLE MINUTE!
🌡 In summer, concrete surfaces can heat up to 60 degrees, and metal coverings can be even hotter. If you can’t walk the dog on grass or in the shade, get him shoes and foot protectors, because even a few steps can cause burns!
🚰 Always have fresh water and a drinking bowl with you, don’t go for a walk without it!
🕔 The best time for long walks are the early mornings and the evenings.
🍧Take care of cooling toys and accessories, especially if your dog is prone to overheating anyway – this is especially true for short-nosed dogs, pugs, bulldogs, and boxers.


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