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ℹ️ A guide to cartilage protection – Information about cartilige protection products made for dogs
❓ How can these products help my dog?
➡️ They can help in the regeneration of articular cartilages, cartilage discs, thews and tendons, while also preventing the development of musculoskeletal problems or reducing their effects
❓ Who should take them?
➡️ Large breed or rapidly growing young or developing dogs.
➡️ Adult dogs performing sport or work related intense movements.
➡️ Dogs recovering from bone or joint related medical procedures to help with regeneration.
➡️ Dogs with cartilage disc diseases or injuries.
➡️ Senior dogs.
❓ How long can these products be used?
➡️ For prevention: a 2 months long period 1 or 2 times per year. For acute symptoms: continously all year around.
At our pharmacy we can help you with choosing the most suitable product for your dog 💊 and give advice on the proper usage too!

❓ Is it okay to give my dogs or cats bones?
❗ In cartoons dogs chew on bones all the time. However, real life is a bit more complicated than that!

No matter how common of a practice, the reality is that giving bones to your pets is a really bad idea! 🙅

⚠️ Shattered bones could easily hurt your dogs’ palate, could get stuck in their esophagus and cause choking or even puncture intestines!

⚠️ If that’s not enough, they can also cause serious constpiation and with that, really bad complications.

⚠️ The most dangerous bones are chicken, duck or turkey, as they shatter to really small and sharp pieces. Never give your pets these!

⚠️ Solid bones, like spare ribs of beef shanks shatters into duller pieces, but they still make digestion harder, so giving these kind of bones to your pets is also not advised.