During hot weather, our pets can just as easily suffer heat stroke as us. That’s why we should pay extra attention to them! Try to avoid taking walks during the hottest times of the day! If your pets get too hot, try to keep their body cool! Try feeding them multiple times a day, with smaller than usual portions. Also, make sure they always have fresh water available! 💦

July marks the month of dental care!

Just a reminder: during July we offer discounts on everything dental care related! 🙂

 20% discount for dental procedures
 10% discount when purchasing dental care products

We are looking forward to seeing you and your pet!

For more information, please inquire at our veterinarian office!

Dear dog owners!

According to the requrements of the law No XXVIII (1998) on the protection of animals the council holds a census of the dogs kept in the 6th district.

The census is obligatory and is held in 2015 throughout the year.

We recommend to fill the census form in the clinic at the time of the annual rabies booster.

For further information please contact us on one of our availabilities.