Our clinic offers NEUTERING DISCOUNT!

Every responsible pet owner is welcome to whom it is important to prevent unwanted litters and serious diseases.

Why neutering your pet is important?

– it decreases the number of wandering pets
– it prevents serious diseases (pruritic metritis, mammary tumors, testical and prostate tumors and enlarged prostate)
– it prevents pseudo-pregnancy
– it prevents diseases caused by aggressivity

What should you know about the surgery?

– you should make an appointment on phone or in person for a free pre-operation examination, where we check the animal’s health condition
– your pet should come on an empty stomach to the surgery, he/she can get dinner the day before
– outdoor cats should be kept inside or in a carriing box for the day before
– the surgery is done in anaethesia with the close monitoring of health functions
– during the surgery we remove the organs (in females the uterus and ovarium, in males the testicles), and we close the wound in multiple layers with absorbable suture
– after the surgery the pet will get a cone or a post-operation dress (not included in the discount price)
– three days after the surgery there is a free post-operation examination (antibiotics might be needed which is not included in the discount price), and depending on the healing, there will be one or more post-operation examination
– the discount price includes the surgery, the anaesthetics, the antibiotics, and other drugs given during the operation, the pre- and post-operation examinations

For more information, please call us or inquire personally!

Dear dog owners!

According to the requrements of the law No XXVIII (1998) on the protection of animals the council holds a census of the dogs kept in the 6th district.

The census is obligatory and is held in 2015 throughout the year.

We recommend to fill the census form in the clinic at the time of the annual rabies booster.

For further information please contact us on one of our availabilities.