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Space technology in a dog bowl! 🚀

Due to huge efforts poured into software development, modern technologies and R&D, Visán has the world’s most advenced pet-food manufacturing process – and you can purchase these super premium quality products with a 25% discount!

JOSERA super premium quality pet food products -25% ⚠️

75 years of experience, super premium quality, German manufacturer, excellent taste, easy digestability – what more could you wish for from a dog- or cat food? Maybe throw in some discount? 💰 No problem! You can get the Josera pet food products with a 25% discount at our pharmacy!

Dear Costumers,

In order to prevent the spread of the pandemic we kindly ask you to comply with the follows:

  • Please always book an appointment (emergency cases are exceptions)
  • Please do not attend to the clinic more than FIVE minutes prior to your appointment because there are only TWO people allowed in the waiting room at once.
  • There is only ONE person allowed in the exam room.
  • Please cancel your appointment via phone or email in case you are not able to attend tot he clinic.
  • Please cover your nose and lips with face mask before you enter the clinic.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided when entering the clinic.
  • Please do not spend more time at the clinic as you need for your purchase.
  • If you are feeling unwell please ask a healthy person to bring in your pet.

We highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation! 🐶🐱🙋


🏥 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 81.
📞 061 351 7374

Parasite screening

To pets, heartworms can be life threatening: if left untreated parasites can cause severe heart damage. That’s why prevention is so important!
Our veterinary office offers parasite screening – for more details, give us a visit!

🏥 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 81.
📞 061 351 7374

Vet visit

When was the last time you brought your pet to a vet visit? A simple blood test can tell a lot about the state of your pet’s health, and could help foreshadow and prevent some serious diseases!

Visit our Veterinary office! 😊
🏥 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 81.
📞 061 351 7374

We just got greener! 🌳

We got rid of plastic bags, so from now on, we pack your products into canvas bags! 🤗 Of course, you can bring your own bag if you’d like! 🙂

Dear dog owners!

According to the requrements of the law No XXVIII (1998) on the protection of animals the council holds a census of the dogs kept in the 6th district.

The census is obligatory and is held in 2015 throughout the year.

We recommend to fill the census form in the clinic at the time of the annual rabies booster.

For further information please contact us on one of our availabilities.