Dear Clients,

Our surgery is working on a strictly appointment-based system to allow us to provide a more convenient and effective service for you. Please note that only animals in life-threatening conditions make an exception from the above.
Please always make an appointment with our colleagues
(personally or via phone during our office hours).

Phone number: +36 20 319 9290

Dear Clients,

Thank you very much for all your support and trust this year. We wish you a very happy New Year and happy, healthy pets! We look forward seeing you back in 2017 with our usual thorough and caring service and our new, longer office hours: every weekday from 10AM until 7PM.
If you wish to visit the surgery, please don’t forget to make an appointment!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Körönd Veterinary Team

Having a furry companion is so much more than a pet in your home.

It means friendship, loyalty, comradrie and finally—unconditional love. It means the recognition of the needs of another being, as two hearts are opening up for each other. It is about communication without words, a pat on the head, purring, wagging tails, long walks together.

Our team understands and respects this bond. Why? Because beyond learning and experience we know the joys and sorrows of living with a pet.

Our mission is to provide support for your special bond to keep it as long and as happy as possible.
We are offering various services. For your comfort you may enjoy a coffee in our waiting room—and with that you can also help pets in need through our humane fund; our appointment system gives you the possibility to spare time. For your furry companion you may take a free snack and water is offered.
Your furry companion’s health and joy even in a clinical environment is our aim—welcome to Körönd Veterinary Services.