ℹ️ Information about cartilige protection products made for dogs
❓ How can these products help my dog?
➡️ They can help in the regeneration of articular cartilages, cartilage discs, thews and tendons, while also preventing the development of musculoskeletal problems or reducing their effects
❓ Who should take them?
➡️ Large breed or rapidly growing young or developing dogs.
➡️ Adult dogs performing sport or work related intense movements.
➡️ Dogs recovering from bone or joint related medical procedures to help with regeneration.
➡️ Dogs with cartilage disc diseases or injuries.
➡️ Senior dogs.
❓ How long can these products be used?
➡️ For prevention: a 2 months long period 1 or 2 times per year. For acute symptoms: continously all year around.
At our pharmacy we can help you with choosing the most suitable product for your dog 💊 and give advice on the proper usage too!


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